What should I wear to my maternity session?
  • My first advice is always to wear something comfortable that you LOVE!  If you feel comfortable in your pictures, you will look more natural.  It is generally best to stick with solid colors, and avoid large patterns, stripes, plaids, etc, but I recommend that YOU be YOU!  If you like stripes and plaids, go for it!
  • The safest solid colors that will look great with any skin tone are probably blacks, whites, grays or browns.  Those colors photograph well, and I recommend bringing at least one solid shirt in those colors. On the other hand, some people are totally comfortable with a bold color and they can photograph really well.  You do you!
  • Of course, you'll want to choose something that emphasizes your belly well. Something a little more form fitting might be preferable to big, baggy hoodie.
  • Sometimes long-sleeved shirts can be more flattering for women than short-sleeved or sleeveless. Consider what you will prefer for yourself!
  • Look through my maternity portfolio to see examples of outfits and styles that you like, or google "maternity photos" if you really need some help deciding.
  • Are you going to want to do bare belly shots? If so, be sure to do some thinking about how that will work. A beautiful dress might beautifully show off your belly, but if you want a bare belly shot, you might want to have leggings or jeans with your choice of shirt or sweater.
  • Be careful not to wear anything to the shoot that will leave marks on your belly during the shoot if you plan to do bare belly shots.
  • Choose mom-to-be's outfit first...then find outfits for the rest of the family that coordinate well with mom. 
  • I do have a few maternity dresses at the studio. Ask me before the day of your session if you're interested in seeing or using them!


Hocking Maternity Solon Photographer 1976Hocking Maternity Solon Photographer 1976