Baby FAQ

No two babies are alike. After photographing hundreds of babies, I know this to be true. As time passes and children grow, more and more memories are made. It will become harder to remember how red Amelia’s hair was, how blue Max’s eyes were, those chubby cheeks, that round baby belly, and the teeny tiny toes of your newborn. Capture these memories today. Cherish them forever.
What age is best for baby photos?

Johnson Iowa City Newborn Photographer 4025Johnson Iowa City Newborn Photographer 4025  
Stage: Newborn (5-14 days)
Baby is still very sleepy and likes to
be swaddled and curled up.
Stage: Push Up (3-4 months)Stage: Push Up (3-4 months)Baby is getting good at tummy time, and enjoys being able to push up on elbows and hold head up well!
Stage: Push-Up (3-4 months)
Baby enjoys tummy time and will
push up off arms and hold head up well.
Stage: Sit Up (6-7 months)Stage: Sit Up (6-7 months)Baby can sit up fairly well without support, and will laugh and smile if we are goofy enough!
Stage: Sit-Up (6-7 months)
Baby can sit up fairly well and will
laugh and smile if we're goofy enough.
Stage: Stand Up (9-10 months)Stage: Stand Up (9-10 months)Baby is able to stand up with the support of a box or stool at the appropriate height!
Stage: Stand-Up (9-10 months)
Baby can stand up when supported
by a box or stool to lean against.
Stage: Birthday (12 months)Stage: Birthday (12 months)Birthday time! Baby may be able to stand and even walk! A cake smash is an option at this session.
Stage: Birthday (12 months)
Baby may be able to stand/walk.
A cake smash is an option for this session! 
After the newborn session, I prefer to do sessions that correspond with milestones instead of age.  For example, instead of just doing "three-month pictures", I prefer to wait until your baby can hold his head up well when laying on his tummy and use his arms to prop up his upper body.  This usually occurs between 3 and 4 months.  The next session is done usually between 6 and 7 months when your baby can sit up well, or for at least several seconds at a time.  Next up, if you'd like, is a session at 9-10 months when baby is able to stand up when holding on to something.  To finish out baby's first year, we usually plan a 1-year birthday session sometime near their actual birthday.
What should I bring?
I don't force a lot of my own props into your session. I would much prefer that you bring items that have some meaning or nostalgia to you: special baby blankets, the cutest stuffed animal the baby has received, the wagon that grandpa made, and things like that. You might also consider hats or headbands that you think would be cute in photographs.
What should the baby wear?
I generally say to pick out your absolute favorite outfit(s) for baby to wear.  If you can avoid character-themed outfits (Disney characters, etc), that would probably be best, but pick out what you like best for your child.  Bright colors and patterns are just fine.  If you're unsure, just bring in several things to choose from and I can help you make decisions when you arrive.
You might try looking at online kids boutique shops, or places like for ideas.  There's no end to the adorable, hand-made outfits out there!  You can even get personalized onesies and accessories or custom birthday onesies.
What happens if you get called to a birth and my session has to be postponed?
Since I am a birth photographer, I am often on-call.  If there is a chance that your session may be affected by a birth, I will let you know ASAP that it is a possibility and discuss the probability at that time.  Then, if I do determine that we need to postpone, I will give you a $25 discount on your re-scheduled session.