Maternity FAQ
Every pregnancy is a miracle. Every baby is a gift. Start your child’s life story with pictures of how beautiful a momma you were even before baby arrived.
When should I schedule my maternity session?
I recommend scheduling your maternity session for around your 34th week of pregnancy. This is an ideal time because you will have plenty of belly to photograph, yet we won’t miss the opportunity if your little one decides to arrive early.
Do I have to show my bare belly?
Many mothers choose to do so, but a nice maternity session can be done with a cozy shirt or dress which shows the curve of your belly.
Who should come to the session?
It's always nice to have Dad/partner and the older siblings come for part of the session. But if you're doing a PICten package, you'll want to consider having dad take the kids for a drive while we finish up your session.
What should I bring?
I don't force a lot of my own props into your session. I would much prefer that you bring items that have some meaning or nostalgia to you if you would like: special baby blankets, the cutest stuffed animal the baby has received, something with the baby-to-be's name on it, tiny baby shoes, etc. 
Can you edit stretch marks?
At your request, I can soften your stretch marks and make them less noticeable. Please note this when you make your photo selections.
What happens if you get called to a birth and my session has to be postponed?
Since I am a birth photographer, I am often on-call. If there is a chance that your session may be affected by a birth, I will let you know ASAP that it is a possibility and discuss the probability at that time. Then, if we need to postpone, I will give you a $25 discount on your rescheduled session.