New Creation Photography VIPs


Become an NCPVIP with your purchase of the NCPVIPdrive!

WebFile-3275 What is an NCPVIPdrive?  Basically, it's 4gb USB flash drive. A really cute USB flash drive. It can hold about 4gb of New Creation images from past or future NCP sessions (or, honestly, whatever digital files you want to put on it). Use this drive to consolidate all of your NCP images in one convenient place! 

But that's not even the biggest advantage of investing in the drive.  By purchasing this drive, you'll automatically become an NCP VIP, and you'll get great NCP benefits!  First of all, NCPVIPs get 15% off EVERY New Creation product and service.  Every session? 15% off.  Extra images? 15% off.  Photograph 101 Workshop? 15% off!  PLUS, you'll get TWO FREE IMAGES ($80 value) with every session you purchase from New Creation. Every. Single. Session. 


1.) How much are they?  

The NCPVIPdrive, with its exclusive VIP benefits is just $195 (+ tax) and shipping is FREE!  That means that in just TWO sessions, your drive will have MORE than paid for itself with two free images per session AND 15% off.  Plus, you'll be able to put all the images from those sessions onto your drive so you've got all your images in one place.

2.) Where do I get mine?

Your drive can be purchased simply by emailing me at [email protected] and telling me which color (blue, yellow, green) you prefer.  I will email the invoice ASAP, and your drive will be shipped to you quickly once the invoice is paid! 

3.) How many images will my 4gb drive hold?

There's a lot of variables that go into determining the file size of an image, and therefore the figures I give are very approximate.  However, I will say that based on the average sizes of the last twenty or so sessions that I've completed, the drive should hold pretty much all of your portrait sessions that you have ever done or ever will do with New Creation. :)  (I'm talking portrait sessions, here, not births.  Births are a whole different ballgame!)  You can consolidate and archive all of your sessions onto one drive. From my calculations, I believe that each drive should hold approximately FORTY PICten sessions or about EIGHTY EXPRESSions sessions, give or take a few depending on how many extra images you order, if your session was in studio or outside (yep, true story), etc.  Either way, that's a whole lotta sessions that will fit on your drive.  You'll be able to transfer all past cds to your drive if you'd like, and download all images from your future image galleries. Seriously, it's going to be awesome.

4.) Will you still be giving out cds with sessions?

CDs are out. Digital downloads are in. A lot of today's laptops aren't even being sold with cd drives anymore.  They're getting to be old technology.  CDs have been available as an add-on since 2015, but they don't come as part of your image package. It will be much more economical AND practical in the long-run to invest in the NCPVIPdrive!!!

5.) What are the perks?

*15% off every New Creation session, service or product!
*Receive two free images with every session!

*Get earlybird access for mini-session sign-ups!
​*Add on the "Love 'em All" Package after your session for 15% off too!
*Save 15% on Education Workshops like Digital Photography 101 and Photoshop 101!


6.) This is so awesome!  How can I ever thank you?

Well thanks so much! *blushes* You can thank me by purchasing your drive, and continuing to be an awesome, loyal, and dedicated NCP client.  And if you've never been an NCP client before?  There has NEVER been a better time to become one!  Get your NCPVIPdrive right away and begin filling your drive with beautiful images and unforgettable moments! :)  Also, share NCP with your friends.  That would be awesome too.