Birth Story Slideshows

If the idea of birth photography is new to you, it might be difficult to imagine what the photos might look like.  Please take a few minutes to watch these slideshows to get a good idea of how beautifully your baby's birth story could be told.  These are the edited, "G-rated" versions that are meant to be seen by an internet audience.

Lyric (Cedar Rapids homebirth)

Aubrey (St. Luke's, Cedar Rapids)

Caylee (C-Section, St. Luke's, Cedar Rapids)

Henry (Mercy, Cedar Rapids)

Also, I am the founder and administrator of the Birth Photography Facebook Group, and part of our mission is to help promote the birth photography industry.  We have produced a number of slideshows which are a compilation of favorites from birth photographers around the world.  

Professional Birth Photography: 90 Stunning Images from 52 Photographers Worldwide

Hold Her Hand, Not the Camera (AKA The Dad Slideshow)

The Sibling Slideshow

Doulas & Midwives

The C-Section Slideshow

Our Favorite Images of 2013